Back Pain Relief Chairs that Really Work!

Carmichael Thrones are scientifically designed to relieve and prevent back pain and other discomforts associated with sitting. Our patented seat design does this by allowing the tailbone to “Float” reducing pressure on the spinal discs. We use a firm, high density foam that prevents your body weight from collapsing the seat cushion insuring that your spine stays elevated. Our flat seat design helps to reduces stress to your hip joints while the gap also relieves pressure to other sensitive areas, providing you with additional comfort and pain relief. Whether you need an office chair, drum throne, travel cushion or more… we have an affordable solution for you. See our selection and order today.

Lower Back, Sciatica, Tailbone, Coccyx, Degenerating Disc, Sacrum, Prostate and Pelvic Pain Relief!

Sit Comfortably Without the Pain.

“Your product saved my career. I broke my Lower Back and Neck in a helicopter crash in 1998 while serving in the U.S Army. I had a very long road to recovery. I had to learn to walk, talk and use my hands again. I was told that I would never be able play drums. I had trouble sitting for long periods of time, my legs would go numb and would feel like they weighed a ton. The pain was unbearable. I was able to get the use of my arms and hands very quickly but  still had to figure something out that would help me sit for long periods of time. I tried everything! I even designed my own drum throne from an old wooden stool. Nothing worked until I sat on a Carmichael Throne and this changed everything.

I am now able to sit and play my drum kit without any pain. My doctors tell me that this is a miracle. I should not be able to play with the injuries that I sustained to my neck and spine. I am definitely blessed to have music back in my life. I have been using the Carmichael Drum Throne for about three years now. I am so grateful and sold on your product that I bought one for a friend who was recovering from prostate cancer. He was in drumming heaven for the last two years of his Life. I hope that this testimony will help others like myself. Thank you for making such a cool product. ” – Manuel

“Sitting had become unbearable due to tailbone pain that I’ve had since being hit by a careless driver. I have had injections and have taken painkillers, but every time I put pressure on my tailbone when I sit, the pain comes back. After a month with this chair, it’s done more to relieve my pain than all of those medications – it works great. I am ordering a second one for home. The design is exactly what is needed to relieve the pressure to that area. I love this chair! I just wish I could take it with me everywhere I go.” – Chris

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