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Spinal Pressure Relief Office Chairs, Drum Thrones and More...

Welcome To the Carmichael Throne Company
 Our Spinal Pressure Relief Chairs Support Your Back/Spine, Pelvis, Tailbone & Whole Body While You Sit. Pain Alleviated…
 The Carmichael throne Company is here to meet the everyday sitting needs of your body. In the workplace, at home, or while involved in activities as diverse as administrative tasks, telephoning, computer work, drafting, drumming, trading stocks, vacationing-traveling, or spending time on Facebook or Twitter! Our seating products help alleviate and even prevent lower back pain, tailbone aches, pelvic discomfort, and various other types of physical discomfort.
Does Lower Back Pain, Tailbone Discomfort, Or Pelvic Pain Make Sitting Uncomfortable or Unbearable For You?
 Since 2011, our company has been selling a patented unique seat design that creates a “Free Floating Spine” in the user. That’s right. Our product helps to reduce spinal disc compression, Thus evenly distributing your weight. This helps to reduce hip stress and deter lower back pain. Does reducing or preventing these painful ailments interest you? Of course it does! Our patented seat can DETER these conditions as well. Our orthopedic seating products PREVENT many future problems.
Carmichael Thrones: Top Orthopedic Option/Pain Management – Pain Prevention/Stress Relief
 Carmichael Throne Seats address the root base of your pain problem. We (our human bodies) are designed for movement. The problem is that many careers mandate that a prolonged portion of our time is SITTING. Therefore allowing numerous negative impacts, physical problems, and BODILY PAIN. Carmichael Throne Seats help to solve this problem by reducing pressure to the spinal discs and other sensitive areas.
The patented “Free Floating Spine” design(s) means there is little or no upward pressure on the tailbone or pelvic floor. It is all a matter of proper weight distribution. Our team gets it. These chairs, thrones, and stools solve the problem. Try one and you might never want to sit in an ordinary chair seat again.
Carmichael Customers Seek and Receive Pain Relief and Stress Relief From:
 Tailbone pain, Coccyx Pain, Lower Back Pain, Prostate Pain, Perineal pain, Pelvic Pain, Hip Joint Pain, Sciatic Pain and More.
Our thrones/seats/chairs provide multiple benefits and affordable prices. View our selection of high quality products and start sitting with more comfort, energy, style, and dignity now. Back pain, hip pain, tailbone pain, prostate pain, and other various joint pains can be relieved soon. Why not give us a try? See our selection and order today!
Enjoy the Benefits Today

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