Chairs for Lower Back, Pelvic and Prostate Pressure Relief!

Our office chairs and drum thrones are uniquely designed to relieve pressure while you sit. Our patented seat design allows your tailbone and entire spine to rest without direct contact with the seat, creating a “free floating spine.” The specially designed gap between the seat cushions enables your coccyx and pelvic floor to “float” — while promoting even weight distribution on both sides of the chair. By minimizing upward pressure on your spine while you sit, our chairs can also help to reduce spinal disc compression.

Get relief from stress and discomfort in all these areas: tailbone/coccyx, lower back, prostate, perineum, pelvis, hip joints, sciatic nerve area and more. Work comfortably and increase productivity while sitting on your Carmichael Throne.  Order Today.

Outstanding Seating Products at Affordable Prices!

“Sitting had become unbearable due to tailbone pain that I’ve had. I have had injections and have taken painkillers, but every time I put pressure on my tailbone when I sit, the pain comes back. After a month with this chair, it’s done more to relieve my pain than all of those medications – it works great.” – Chris

“This chair gives my tailbone relief from pain. After experiencing extreme coccyx pain for more than a year now and trying everything from cortisone injections to seeing a chiropractor, I came across the Carmichael Throne. It is the only chair that I can sit on comfortably and gives my tailbone relief from pain by taking the pressure off my spine.” – Joyce

“I received my new Carmichael Throne and this is not just a seat, it is a work of art! It has a channel in the middle that redistributes your weight and totally eliminates spinal compression. After just a day with it I can already feel the difference. No fatigue, no pain! I can play for hours now. This thing is a game changer. If you suffer from fatigue or spinal problems, buy a Carmichael Throne. They are the only way to go and you will not regret it!” – David B Hans

Enjoy the Benefits Today 

made_usa_iconAvailable in a variety of models and styles, our quality seating products are ideal for your office, studio, home or car. Whether you need an office chair, drum throne, travel cushion or more… we have an affordable solution for you. So relax, take a seat and Order today.