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The Story Behind Our Product!

I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. I got my first drum set at the age of 15 and played as a hobby and professionally until 2011. After years of sitting behind the drum kit and endless hours of sitting behind a desk at my commercial business, I acquired an over-use injury to my tailbone/lower back. Sitting for any length of time was unbearable.

Necessity is the mother of invention…

For me, standing all day was not an option. Nothing I found on line or in a music store would allow me to sit comfortably while drumming. Believe me! I tried every throne out there. I discovered that the key to alleviating the pain was to reduce pressure to my spine. That day in 2011 while I was studying the drum throne I had been using for years, I realized that I could achieve my goal by removing the central section of the seat top. My first prototype was a success. I then incorporated my seat design into an office chair so that I could sit comfortably at work all day. I now had an office chair for lower back pain!

It doesn’t end there…

A couple working in my home noticed my drum throne and inquired about it. Once I explained its true purpose, they informed me about a family member that suffered from chronic back pain and leg numbness following a fall at work. I sent my drum throne with them so she could try it for herself. After using daily for about a month, she stated that there was a 75% reduction in pain, the tingling and numbness in her legs was reduced drastically and she was able to reduce the amount of pain medication she was taking. She was very grateful and urged me to make this seat available to others. For the last six years, I have done just that.

Thank you for all of your support. I truly hope that the Carmichael Throne will be as much of a benefit to you as it has to me and others.

Dan Carmichael

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