The Story Behind Our Product!

“After years of sitting behind the drum kit and endless hours of sitting at work, I acquired an over-use injury to my tailbone. By the age of 43 it got to the point where it was too painful to sit on even the softest of cushions, and the discomfort greatly affected every aspect of my life. To treat my pain and discomfort, my doctor prescribed pain medications that I did not want to take for long periods of time. I was literally forced to come up with a way to sit or I was going to be doing alot of standing.

My very first prototype was a drum throne. The seat design reduces sitting pressure to the lower back, tailbone and pelvic floor when sitting. Within a couple of weeks my tail bone stopped hurting, and I was no longer required to take the pain medications that were costing me over $200.00 per month. I was also able to stop my bi-weekly visits to the doctor, which were costing me an additional $75.00 per visit for adjustments that provided only temporary/minimal relief at best. Over a span of the last 48 months, I have saved over $16,800.00 in treatment for my tailbone pain. Simply Amazing!

I knew that if the seat design could help me in the way it did, it could also be of great benefit to others. I then incorporated the design into office chairs and medical stools, and began selling to the public in 2012. The Carmichael Throne Company was born out of need and inspiration and is helping to improve the quality of life for people all over the world. “Here’s to an affordable, more comfortable way to sit!”

Dan Carmichael