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Todd Sucherman – Styx

As an in demand player for live and session work, this led to his association with the band Styx. Todd was called in to record when Styx’s John Panozzo was ill. After John Panozzo’s untimely death, Todd’s position in the band was solidified. Nineteen years later Styx continues to play to millions of fans all over the world averaging 100 dates a year. Todd has recorded several albums with the band including “Big Bang Theory” which put the band in the top 50 on Billboard for the fourth straight decade. In-between his time with Styx he’s recorded over 1,000 radio and TV spots and worked with artists diverse as Peter Cetera, Brian Culbertson, Spinal Tap, Michael Bolton, The Falling Wallendas, Eric Marienthal, and Brian Wilson (including his 2003 release with Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton and Elton John.) Todd has been an in demand clinician performing at drum festivals around the world. Todd has also won the Modern Drummer reader’s poll for Rock Drummer in 2009 and has two multiple award winning instructional DVDs with the Methods & Mechanics series.

Neil N Floyd AKA GhostDrummer© – Independant

As the #1 choice of Producers, Arrangers, Engineers and Band Members, Neil has been summoned to the Studios to ‘Fix it before the mix’!
He met Buddy Rich in 1967 who said ‘Listen’, and listen he did! Since 1968, Neil has worked with Joe Cocker, Stevie Wonder, Howie Mandel, Gary ‘US’ Bonds, Ben E. King, Buzzy Linhart, Kenny Aaronson, Elliot Randall, Nobleman Orchestra, Jean-Luc Ponty, Lou Reed & SNL w/Ben Affleck to name a few. On/Off Broadway and the Late Muhammad Ali.
He has laid down tracks for the Drummer to learn, play and take credit for the recordings performance. Ergo: GhostDrummer©, with special mention to Bill Aucoin, Roy Cicala and Bob Walters. Neil has recorded and toured on Drums, Vocals and Syndrum 478 throughout the Globe for 5 decades with a Roster of Bands and Artists, and has been heard on 100’s of tunes unknowingly due to his speciality and non-disclosure agreements.

Carmine Appice – Rod Stewart, Ozzy, Blue Murder, Vanilla Fudge

As drummer for Vanilla Fudge, Carmine Appice set the grooves for the groundbreaking band’s 1967 psychedelic debut, inadvertently inventing Stoner Rock in the process. The Fudge had no precedent. The band was totally unique. No rock group, up until that point, had ever so lugubriously s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out well-known pop tunes like the Beatles “Eleanor Rigby” and “Ticket To Ride,” Curtis Mayfield’s “People Get Ready,” Sonny & Cher’s “Bang Bang” Rod Argent’s “She’s Not There” and, most famously, The Supremes’ Motown classic “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” to such hippie heights. With Mark Stein’s mysterioso wash of Grand Guignol keyboard theatrics, Tim Bogert’s amazing and trippy bass runs, and guitarist Vince Martell’s era-happy soloing, Appice boomed like no other drummer in rock history. Their debut album still stands today as a Hard Rock classic. Vanilla Fudge went on to tour with Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and even had Led Zeppelin as an opening act.

Shannon larkin – Godsmack

Shannon is best known for being the drummer of the Hard Rock band Godsmack. He replaced the previous drummer Tommy Stewart in June 2002. Prior to Godsmack, his previous bands were Amen, Candlebox, Ugly Kid Joe, and Souls at Zero (formerly Wrathchild America). Shannon’s drumming is distinguished by a liquid groove, absolutely fluid in the manner of great session drummers such as the late Jeff Prcaro, and his studio work displays the rare capacity to balance simplicity and ornamentation. Although heavy metal is known for heavy hitting and heavy double-pedal footwork, Shannon exhibits a nimble touch with sticks and a rabbit’s right foot on single pedal. He relies on Toca percussion, a penchant he shares with Sully Erna, for groove and color. Both drummer and bandleader share a passion for rhythm. In fact, Erna told Modern, “If God made anyone to play drums it was Shannon Larkin!”

Lester Estelle Jr. – Kelly Clarkson

Lester Estelle is an accomplished, versatile, Grammy nominated musician. Not only is he a dynamic drummer, he is also an accomplished bassist, studio producer and engineer. He is a native of Kansas City, but is currently based in Nashville, TN. He started his professional career as a touring musician at the age of fourteen, and continues to successfully follow his dream of playing and recording great music. He has toured, recorded and/or performed with the following artists: Pillar, Kelly Clarkson, Big & Rich, John Rich, Kim Burrell, Neal McCoy, Charlie Pride, Randy Owens, Lester Estelle Sr., Jimmie Bratcher, Trump Dawgs, Agnieszka Chylinska, Stars Go Dim, Disciple, Edens Edge, Seventh Day Slumber, Lynda Randle, Donnie McClurkin, Brian Doerksen, Bob Fitts, Heidi Newfield, Keith Anderson, Julian Vaughn, Tate Stevens, Jana Kramer, Love & Death, Bartek, Krolik, Travis Wyrick, Rob Hawkins, Asaph Ward, Les Brown, Benyahu, Parker Simon, Shawna P, Nine Lashes and many others!

Rob Bourdon – Linkin Park

The youngest member of Linkin Park, Rob was introduced to his mother’s friend and Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer after a show and from there became inspired to learn the drums. Starting out around the age of nine, Bourdon joined his first band, a quartet called No Clue, in grade six. They later changed their name to Physical Evidence and covered bands like Nirvana, Bad Religion, and Suicidal Tendancies. After joining his high school’s jazz band in grade ten, Rob was recruited by two members of a band called Karma after a concert to join their group. Through the Karma band members, he met Brad Delson and Mike Shinoda, who both lived nearby in the San Fernando Valley. Eventually, Rob and Brad would form their own band called Relative Degree. Their dream was to perform at the Hollywood club ‘The Roxy’, a goal they eventually attained, and broke up soon afterwards. After the band’s break-up, Rob’s life became a turmoil of drug and alcohol abuse. It was these hard times that took his focus away from drumming. Eventually, by the end of high school, Rob got his life back in order and began playing full-time again. Soon, he got a call from Mike Shinoda asking him to join his and Brad’s band, Xero.

Sean Kinney – Alice in Chains

Kinney’s interest in music was developed at an early age. He got his first drum kit when he was 5. By the age of 9, he was keeping the beat for his grandfather’s band, The Cross Cats, and traveling the Northwest playing small venues. Kinney grew up in Renton, Washington, where he attended Liberty Senior High School. Sean Kinney met up with Alice in Chains when he was dating the sister of bassist Mike Starr. Through Starr, he was introduced to Jerry Cantrell who introduced them both to Layne Stanly. Since the band’s inception, Kinney has been the only drummer. He also sang chorus vocals through a megaphone on the hidden song from Sap entitled “Love Song”. The album was named after a dream Kinney had about the band recording some light acoustic songs. Sean plays a large role in the presentation of the band, having helped design artwork and stage setups for most of the band’s albums and tours.

Oscar Seaton Jr. – Lionel Richie

Oscar Seaton, Jr. (also credited as Oscar Seaton) is an American drummer and a long-time collaborator of Grammy Award-winning jazz pianist and composer Ramsey Lewis. He has also played and toured with other best-selling and award winning musicians including Lionel Richie, Lee Ritenour, David Sanborn, Boz Scaggs, George Benson, Yolanda Adams and Dianne Reeves, among many others. Seaton was born in Chicago and took to the drums at an early age by banging on the family’s pots and pans. Raised primarily listening to gospel, Seaton realized he had an aptitude for the drums when playing for his church’s choir and moved to Los Angeles in 2000. He regularly appears on albums from best-selling artists Ramsay Lewis, Lionel Richie and Lee Ritenhour. He’s also toured with award winners David Sanborn, Boz Scaggs and George Benson. In addition to his collaborations, he also is founding member of the jazz trio date/of/birth, as well as the rock group 13 Curves. Oscar has been using Carmichael Drum Thrones since March of 2016.

Kent Slutcher – Luke Bryan

Kent currently plays with country music artist Luke Bryan. Luke has been fortunate enough to tour with artists such as; Kenny Chesney, Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean, Sugarland, Rascal Flatts, Tim Mcgraw and headlined his own “Tailgates and Tanlines” tour in 2011. Luke has had three number ones and seven top ten hits including his smash hits; “Do I”, “Rain is a Good Thing”, “Someone Else Calling You Baby”, “Country Girl Shake It” and “I Don’t Want This Night to End”. In 2011 alone, Kent performed with Luke on the CMA Awards, The Tonight Show, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, Ellen Degeneres, The Today Show, Regis and Kelly, and the CMT Awards. With passion and determination to be the best player he can be, he has brought a uniqueness and energy to the bands he has played with. “I like to think of myself as a pocket player…groove oriented.” Although he started out “stealing licks from hundreds of influential drummers”, he feels he has developed a style of his own.

Paul O’ Brien – Nothing More

Paul O’Brien was the one drummer that met the incredibly high standards set by Hawkins (Nothing More’s original drummer). Even though he turned over the drumming duties to O’Brien, Hawkins still uses technology to create drum parts while writing. On “Friendly Fire,”Hawkins created drum parts that no human could replicate, but rather than relying upon machines to produce the sound, the band embraced the imperfection of the human element, resulting in one of the most intense songs on the album. The band’s debut album certainly has its “metal moments,” but what makes them rise above the din is a unique style which is an amalgam of a variety of genres that doesn’t adhere to any preconceived notions of what hard rock should be, and thus, they cannot be pigeon-holed into a neat, marketable package. Yet, it is easy to see how this complex collection of songs will have as much appeal to the masses as it does to audiophiles and fellow accomplished musicians

Eddie Jones – Head East

Eddy is a Kansas City area drummer/singer who is currently playing with the legendary rock band “Head East”.Eddy Jones was born and raised in St. Joseph, MO. He received his first drum kit and began playing drums at the age of 5. Eddy’s interest in music was fueled by his grandfather who played violin, pedal steel and electric guitars in country bands for square dances and county fairs. And he played his first paid gig with his grandfather at age 12 for $25. Eddy played and recorded with many Kansas City area bands prior to joining Head East and has played with jazz singer Queen Bay and Kansas City jazz legends guitarist Sonny Kenner and bassist Milt Abel. He has studied Jazz and Latin Drums with Gary Chaffee, Todd Strait, John Cushon, Kent Burnham, and “The Drum Counselor”, GoGo Ray. Eddy plays Sonor, Yahama, and Pearl Drums, uses Remo drumheads, and Vic Firth drumsticks. He is endorsed by Soultone cymbals and Carmichael drum thrones. Eddy enjoys teaching drums and has worked as a drum instructor for PJ Olsson’s Rock Camp.

Sam “ the Bull” Aliano – Tony MacAlpine

Australian born double bass drumming star, Sammy “The Bull” Aliano, has embedded his unique foot print into the LA music scene. A sought after educator, Aliano has embarked on European and Asian clinic tours, performed at the Montreal and Batuka! Drum Festivals and Australia’s Ultimate Drummer’s Day Weekend. Sammy’s live and recording credits include Jazz-Improv rockers Gongzilla, Rock Star Supernova’s Lukas Rossi, Mr. Big’s Billy Sheehan, Extreme’s Nuno Bettencourt….To name a few. In 2011, Aliano & fellow co – author Matt Sorum released a book entitled, ‘Double Bass Drumming & Power Fills Workout’ The definitive must-have workout text on double bass drumming grooves and power fills for the modern rock drummer. Sam’s level of experience, ability to play multiple styles of music, and provide professional value added services such as musical directorship and sight reading put him in high demand for shows ranging from small club trios playing jazz through to large capacity stadium shows playing classic rock to country music. Sam continues the path toward becoming one of the highly respected and world renowned Drummers of modern times.

John Humphrey – Seether

John Humphrey is the drummer of the post-grunge band Seether. From 1992 until 2016, Humphrey was the drummer for The Nixons. He joined Seether in 2003. John states this after using the Carmichael throne for ten months; “I can’t say enough about my appreciation for the The Carmichael Throne. I have had a history of back pain, as many drummers do and this throne has reduced my pain and discomfort completely. After months of constant touring, I’m used to coming home with my usual lower back, aches and pains. The Carmichael Throne has eliminated this issue entirely.” John was our first big name drummer to get on board with us.

Go-Go Ray – Samantha Fish

Go-Go Ray has been drumming for 34 years (26 years pro). He has toured nationally with Billy Goat (1994-1997) and Mike Dillon’s Go-Go Jungle (2006-2011). He is currently on tour with Ruf Records recording artist Samantha Fish (2012 Blues Music Award Winner for Best New Artist Debut) and Lakeshore Records recording artist John Velghe & the Prodigal Sons. He was a major performer in Kansas City’s R&B/Funk/Soul scene (1998-2006). In addition to live performances, he has been teaching and counseling all over Kansas City for over 15 years and now is at Funky Munky Music (Shawnee, KS) and other stores. Go-Go Ray won the first ever Roland V-Drums USA Contest in Las Vegas, NV on November 4th, 2010. The following discography showcases Go-Go Ray’s best work: John Velghe & the Prodigal Sons – Don’t Let Me Stay (Lakeshore Records) 2012 Mike Dillon’s Go-Go Jungle – Rock Star Bench Press (Hyena Records) 2009 Mike Dillon’s Go-Go Jungle – Battery Milk (Hyena Records) 2007 Billy Goat – Black And White (Mercy Records) 1994.

Dennis Leeflang – Bumblefoot

Dennis hails from The Netherlands, where he toured and recorded with several major rock acts such as Within Temptation, Epica and The Saturnine. He started working with Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’ Roses) as his European touring drummer in 2002, and relocated to New York City in 2004. Since his move to NYC, Dennis has toured and recorded with many artists besides Bumblefoot, including Lita Ford, Ted Poley (Danger Danger), Tiffany Giardina (Disney), Shane Gibson (KorN), Angus Clark (Trans-Siberian Orchestra), Milan Polak (Falco), Kudisan Kai (Chaka Khan, Elton John) and many more. With Bumblefoot, Dennis has recorded three full-length albums, numerous single releases, and toured all over the US and the rest of the world. Dennis has become one of the most in-demand session drummers in NYC’s indie rock scene, and collaborates and records with artists worldwide from his own recording studio. He is also an active educator and clinician, performing drum clinics, workshops and masterclasses all over the world

Doug Meola – Independent, Band Happy

Doug is an independent drummer, instructor, clinician and drum instruction book author located in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Growing up in the US, he started drumming at age 11 in his elementary school concert band, and later joined the jazz and marching bands. Doug studied at The Percussion Institute in Los Angeles and The Drummer’s Collective in NYC as well as with some of the biggest names in drumming including Terry Bozzio, Dennis Chambers, Jimmy Degrasso of Megadeth/Ozzy Osborne/David Lee Roth/Alice Cooper, Mike Johnston and many other amazing drummers and educators. Doug has contributed to Modern Drummer magazine as an educator and product reviewer. He is presently a full time in demand freelance drummer and drum educator teaching over 45 private students weekly and has just added online and live streaming drum lessons to his new website. Doug teaches all styles and genres of drumming including Rock (classic, hard, modern), Alternative, Metal, Funk, Gospel, Industrial, Pop, Hip Hop, R & B, Jazz, Blues, Latin, Afro-Cuban, etc. He is also a drum instructor for the online education website with Matt Halpern.

Tom Van Schaik – Robert Earl Keen, Dixie Chicks

Based in Austin, TX, Tom has been the drummer for singer/songwriter Robert Earl Keen since 1997 – making 7 studio albums and touring extensively throughout the US. Before that, he was the original drummer for another little band from Texas, the Dixie Chicks. His tenure with “the chicks” stretched from the original four members through the addition of Natalie Maines. In addition, he has been very active as a freelance drummer, both live and in the studio, for a variety of artists including Cross Canadian Ragweed, the Platters, Bo Diddley, Roger Creager, Cory Morrow, Hank Thompson, Larry Coryell, Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez. Most recently, he was a member of the ACL-All Star House Band for the “Austin City Limits 40th Anniversary Concert Special” backing up Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, Kris Kristopherson, Jeff Bridges, Doyle Bramhall II, Gary Clark Jr, Jimmy Vaughn, Joe Ely and Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes).

Niko Pelley – Independent

Niko Pelley has established himself among the most highly regarded drummers in the Southeast. His stylish grooves and melodic drum rhythms bring high demand both as a session drummer and live performer. He has been credited by many as defining the term “In the Pocket”; his range extends into pop,rock,country,jazz, latin,gospel, and reggae, making him a first call for any recording session. Niko currently plays with Cutty Jones, The T.J. Vanderpool Project , and more!

Mike Mazzarese – Independent, Red Line Chemistry

Mike was born in Kansas City on August 3, 1975 to Italian immigrants and I am the 2nd child of three brothers. When my mom was pregnant with me, her and my dad went to a Rolling Stones concert and during the show, my mom could feel me kicking to the beat of songs and she knew then that I would become a drummer. My dad was also a musician back in Italy so music ran in my family. When I was a toddler, I used to take out my mom’s pots and pans and bang on them with wooden spoons and actually play rhythms. A friend of mine introduced me to who would eventually be Red Line Chemistry and we have been going strong ever since. We’ve had our rough times but we all had the same dream to “make it” and nothing was going to stop us. We signed our record deal in 2009 and haven’t looked back. We now have released 2 albums under the label and our newest “Tug Of War” was produced by Grammy award winner Nick Raskulinecz who has worked with all our heroes from Rush, Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters, Deftones and many more. It was a dream come true.

Dave Agoglia – Rev Theory

Dave Agoglia rocks the kit behind American hard rock band Rev Theory. The band began playing shows in local clubs and venues as a cover band, then eventually went on to write original music. After finishing a tour of the U.S. in 2005, the group signed to EMI subsidiary Element Records, where they became widely successful, selling over 100,000 albums worldwide. Rev Theory (formerly known as Revelation Theory) is an American hard rock band formed in 2002 in North Andover, Massachusetts. The band has released three studio albums: Truth Is Currency (2005), Light It Up (2008), and Justice (2011). The song “Voices” is currently being used for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) superstar Randy Orton. The song “Hell Yeah” was the opening song for the popular Spike show Blue Mountain State. Rev Theory just finished releasing some of their latest projects “Alpha King and “Born to Destroy” off their upcoming album so stay tuned for more!!

Eric Selby – Independent Drummer and Producer

Drummer Eric Selby brings more than 20 years of experienced session work and live performances, delivering a unique, groove-based approach. He adds his own style to best support and intensify the music’s dynamics. Most recently, Eric performed on Billy Thompson’s, “Friend,” a critically-acclaimed release on Soul Stew Records. Eric is both the producer and drummer for Warner Williams & Jay Summerour, on their award-winning release, “Live at B.B. King’s Bluesville,” as well as producer and drummer for Stackhouse Recording artist Memphis Gold’s release, “Pickin’ In High Cotton.” Eric has been named Blue411‘s 2014 Drum Thumper “Jimi” Award winner, been nominated for multiple WAMMIE awards, nominated for a 2012 “Drum Thumper Award” by Blues411 for their Annual “Jimi” Awards, inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame, #1 on Blues411‘s charts multiple times and was featured in Modern Drummer for his approach and perspective in their “Drummer Blogs.

Drummer Girl KC – Independent

“The art of drumming absolutely fascinates me, and I have found that the performance aspect of it is my absolute passion. I also love teaching ‘outside the box’ concepts with drumming to inspire others in multiple, useful ways. In both performing and teaching, I enjoy being an open entity for anyone to analyze however they please; to receive something for themselves and pass it on. Drumming is an outlet for me to alleviate the stress of every day obstacles and have the confidence to face them later. It puts me in a different world — a world of my own. I enjoy friendly competition, but I really just try to beat my own personal records from day to day. Playing and learning with others motivates me more than anything, and the interaction between people with music is something I feel is a gift to us all. I found my hidden drumming talent, took it on full force, and am on a journey to give the gift of music and spread all of the amazing things that can come from it”.

Jason Dean – Sidewise

Jason started drumming at an early age with the help of his uncle “Eddy Jones” drummer for the Legendary Head-East band and hasn’t put his sticks down since. Jason and SIDEWISE have shared the stage with Sevendust, Anthrax, Five Finger Death Punch, Sully Erna, Eye Empire, Hatebreed, Fight or Flight and many more. Jason started to realize how vital his Spine health was with the discomfort he felt during the shows. Jason also works for one of the Top Music retailers “Big Dudes Music” in Kansas City, MO. and has tested every throne known to man and was never satisfied, until he started rocking his Carmichael Throne CT200-15BV. We are glad to have Jason as a member of the team and wish him many years of continued success.