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Put a Carmichael Throne to Work for You.

pain while sittingIf you’re currently suffering from pain when sitting, or you want to help minimize the chances of it occurring in the future—try a Carmichael Throne.

Controls or stops sitting-related pain: The tailbone or coccyx, lower back, hip joints and pelvic floor tend to be the most common areas of the body affected by the pressure that sitting causes. Our specially designed orthopedic chairs, featuring a 2-1/2″ wide gap in the seat, relieve this pressure and directly address the cause of the problem. Note: The gap is also available 3-1/2″ wide upon request.

Relieves sitting pain caused by specific health conditions: Spinal stenosis, inflamed prostate, scoliosis, rectal ailments and a host of other health problems are made worse by sitting on unsuitable chairs. The gap in Carmichael Throne Seats reduces the pressure on these sensitive areas and helps to alleviate the pain.

Helps to prevent sitting-related pain in future: If you spend all day sitting, chances are you’ll suffer from pain at some point in the future. The constant pressure on your lower back and tailbone, caused by sitting for long periods of time, eventually catches up with you. You can help avoid sitting-related pain by using a Carmichael Throne at work, at home, in your studio, in your car—or wherever you do most of your sitting.

Boosts energy and reduces fatigue: Constant, lingering sitting-related pain leads to fatigue and drains your energy. When you remove the source of stress and pressure on your body, the pain subsides or disappears completely. And when there’s no pain, there’s also less fatigue.

Promotes better sitting posture: Carmichael Throne Seats are made from firm, high quality foam that supports the body—while the strategically placed gap relieves pressure in areas sensitive to sitting.

Helps to improve circulation in your legs and feet by reducing spinal disk compression: A better sitting posture and less spinal compression can promote better circulation.

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