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Office Chair Testimonials


This office chair gives my tailbone relief from pain. Love it, love it, love it!!! After experiencing extreme coccyx pain for more than a year now and trying everything from cortisone injections to seeing a chiropractor, I became increasingly frustrated with my situation. I came across the Carmichael Throne and I absolutely love my chair (CT-9090). It is the only chair that I can sit on comfortably and gives my tailbone relief from pain by taking the pressure off my…read more

“I Love This Chair! I have been using the chair for several weeks now and there are a few things I have noticed. First of all, the lower back pain I had for years from sitting many hours each day in front of my computer has GONE COMPLETELY! Also, I have much more energy which I really didn’t think would happen. This is a simple and yet very powerful concept.”

“I have suffered from coccyx pain for several years. Severe pain every single time I sat down. Using this chair for several months has helped significantly reduce my pain. Thanks for a fantastic product.”

“I am a Senior Court Reporter for New York State Supreme Court, here in White Plains, NY. I have been a court reporter since 1989. My job requires intense concentration while sitting for long periods of time. While there are rare opportunities to stand, it is never for very long. I have used all kinds of good quality and not so good quality chairs over the years. I was at the point in January of 2012 where my back and…read more

“I worked in an office environment for 27 years. Over the past five years, I have developed a condition known as Coccydynia (severe tailbone pain); my only option of treatment was to have cortisone injections once to twice a year. I was searching the Internet for a better office chair that would provide better support and relieve pressure to the tailbone area, when I came upon one of the searches named “The Carmichael Throne”. The more I read, the more…read more

“As a 19 year old, I suffered cracked vertebra in my back playing football. I developed Spondylolisthesis of the lower back. This is a permanent condition characterized by a displacement of the vertebral alignment in the lower back . While I have been able to enjoy many activities as long as I take care of my back, sitting for long periods of time causes me great discomfort. One day I saw the brokers at my real estate office sitting on…read more

“I recently acquired a CT-580 Mesh Back Executive chair and it is the most comfortable office chair that I have ever owned. It has all of the ergonomics of any other premium office chair, but with the added benefit of the special back-saving feature in the seat. I am a general contractor who has endured lower back pain for many years. After several hours of sitting in my office or my truck, I usually have momentary, but severe, back pain…read more

“I have been a professional illustrator for over thirty years. The result of all that sitting in chairs has been a long term compression of my spine. This compression caused a lot of pain when sitting, and when I stood up from sitting, I would get two severe bolts of pain in my lower spine/tailbone area. I have been in chiropractic care for a couple of years but it did not alleviate this part of my condition. The pain had…read more

“I am 17 years old. I have had minor scoliosis for about five years, which has resulted in difficulty sitting for long periods of time. The back and neck pain made it nearly impossible for me to focus on homework, read a book, or even just sit down and relax on my couch. The first time I sat on the CT-245 I noticed immediate relief for my back and neck, and felt no pressure on my tailbone. I had also…read more

“Sitting had become unbearable due to tailbone pain that I’ve had since being hit and sent flying to the pavement by a careless driver. I have had injections and have taken painkillers, but every time I put pressure on my tailbone when I sit, the pain comes back. After a month with this chair, it’s done more to relieve my pain than all of those medications – it works great. I am ordering a second one for home. The design…read more

“It has now been 3 months since I’ve used this chair. I “wheel” the chair to the various conference rooms within the building for meetings. I’ve even recommended this chair to several people within the office who suffer from problems similar to mine. Since purchasing my chair, we’ve purchased 4 additional chairs for people at the office. One of the chairs purchased was for a medical doctor in our office. After using the chair, he too has felt relief and…read more

“I am a CPA and spend many hours sitting at my desk. I have suffered from tailbone issues for a long time, and actually had surgery in November to remove my tailbone. Even though I am not completely healed from the surgery, I am back at work and able to sit for long hours at a time. I wouldn’t be able to do that without my new Carmichael chair. If I had found this chair sooner, I probably would not…read more

“The Carmichael Throne chairs are now my office chairs of choice. I have one at work and one at my desk at home. I had a pinched nerve from a protruding disc in my back and a tailbone that hurt when I sat down or lay down. It was 7 months before I found the right group of physical therapists who had the skills to get all my body parts back in the correct position. I do two hours of…read more

I wanted to let you know how much I love my chair. In 2011 I lost roughly 100lbs. Shortly after, I noticed that my tail bone was hurting terribly. I dealt with it as long as I could and started buying cushions to try and relieve the pressure to my tailbone. I was getting no relief! I finally broke down and made a doctors Appointment. I had no idea what was causing the pain. I had not fallen recently nor…read more

This is the #1 most ingenious ideas I have ever seen, Or felt. The unique channel down the center of the chair relieves stress from sitting all day and from overexposure and negative tailbone pressure. Before I found this, it always felt like i was sitting on a tennis ball but after sitting in this chair for a couple of weeks and purchasing my own now that feeling is gone. I recommend this chair to anyone that sits in an…read more

I spend a great deal of time sitting in my office working at my computer so it is imperative that I am comfortable and your office chair provides exactly what I need. I have a stressful position as the head of sales and I have found that I am no longer moving from one side of my chair to the other during the day in order to ‘feel comfortable’. The unique bearing surface of your chair has relieved my lower…read more

This chair is truly incredible! It is remarkable and the most ergonomic chair I have ever seen. It has a unique design that is perfect for anyone with a bad back.

I want to let others know how much I am enjoying my Carmichael chair. I have had back problems for about 23 years from an automobile accident in which we were hit from the back and my car was sitting still at the time and the impact broke the seats in the car. There we no broken bones. However, I obtained soft tissue damage and I would have to live with the discomfort for the rest of my life. Sitting…read more

I have never been more comfortable when sitting at my desk before. Now I don’t get the nagging pain in my neck and back when I sit. I can sit for hours and hours without the normal strain I begin to feel after I have been sitting down for a while working at the computer. It’s like my body doesn’t realize I am sitting down and my spine is floating. I have gotten so spoiled that this chair is all…read more