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Spinal Pressure Relief - Office Chairs, Drum Thrones and More...

Welcome to Carmichael Throne Company. Our mission is to make sitting a more comfortable and pain free experience. Since 2011, our company has been selling a patented unique office chair for back pain that allows the tailbone to “Float”. Our office chairs’ ergonomic design reduces pressure on the spinal discs helping to alleviate and prevent lower back pain, tailbone aches, pelvic discomfort, sciatica nerve pain and other types of physical discomfort. The flat seat design of our ergonomic office chairs also helps to reduces stress to the hip joints, providing you with additional comfort and pain relief. Does Pain Free sitting interest you? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Our office chairs for lower back pain relief can eliminate as well as help prevent sitting related pain now and in the future. 

Carmichael’s Patented Seat Technology Can Have You Experiencing Relief Immediately. Carmichael Throne Seats address the root cause of your back pain problem. We (our human bodies) are designed for movement. The problem is that many careers mandate that a prolonged portion of our time is spent sitting. The constant compression of the spine can promote numerous negative impacts, physical problems, and bodily pain. Our “Free Floating Spine” office chair for back pain helps to solve this problem by reducing spinal disk compression with its ergonomic and comfortable design. 

Our Customers Seek and Receive Pain and Stress Relief. “I was searching on the internet for yet another cushion and came across The Carmichael Throne website and ordered a chair. Let me tell you, “I do not know what I would do without it”. I no longer have to stand up at work periodically due to the pain I once experienced. I can now sit all day comfortably and without pain. If you are reading this and are wondering should I or should I not, I want to encourage you to get one. You will not regret it”. – Judy S

“This chair has been an absolute life-changer for me. I was struggling working in the office due to my chronic pelvic pain, and was unable to sit for longer than a few minutes at a time. My productivity really took a hit and I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to continue doing my job. Once I got this chair, everything changed. I’m able to sit pain free!! It’s amazing how much this chair helps”. – Tom C

“I have a litany of back issues. Degenerative disk disease. Stenosis, Spondylosis, SI dysfunction, and most recently I have been diagnosed with chronic coccydynia. The resulting pain and numbness in my tailbone was debilitating. It quickly came to the point where I could not sit for more than 20 minutes. The Carmichael Throne has changed my life. My pain is about 90% gone and my entire lumbar region has gone through a renaissance. I couldn’t be more surprised and happy, so much so that I have ordered a second chair for my home office. Thank you Carmichael Throne. I am your newest customer for life”. – Jeff F

Multiple Benefits and Affordable Prices! Do you suffer from Tailbone pain, Coccyx Pain, Lower Back Pain, Prostate Pain, Perineal pain, Pelvic Pain, Hip Joint Pain and Nerve Sciatic Pain? View our selection of ergonomic and comfortable stools and office chairs for back pain and start sitting with more comfort, energy and style. Order today.

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