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Doug Meola – Independent

Doug Meola-Carmichael Throne

I have had my Carmichael Throne for just over 8 months now and I am truly amazed with how well this throne performs and what it has done to eliminate my sciatic nerve pain as well as the fatigue I previously experienced in my neck, shoulders, lower back and legs. Being a drum instructor as well as a gigging and recording drummer, I literally play drums for 6 – 8 hours every day, so I obviously need to take care of the mechanics of my body. The Carmichael Throne has been a blessing and a life saver for me.
Being a very physical drummer, I never realized how much fatigue and tension I used to experience in my shoulders and neck when I would drum. I just got used to it, considering it a natural, physical result of drumming. I was wrong. After using the Carmichael Throne for a few days, I realized just how much the throne and its “Free Floating Spine” design do to eliminate all of that back and shoulder tension and how it promotes over all physical wellness for the body, incredible! Danny’s seemingly simple, logical yet innovative throne affords drummers the ability to play properly and comfortably while avoiding damage to our bodies in the process!
Another huge benefit of the throne and its design is that it gives me amazing balance while playing (very important for every drummer!). Being physical and moving all four limbs simultaneously requires great balance at the core of the body and the Carmichael throne’s design naturally keeps my back and body ergonomically correct while providing a perfect, natural balance. After 8 + months of daily use and being transported regularly, my Carmichael Throne performs and looks amazing, like the day I received it.
I strongly encourage all drummers as well as anyone who sits for long durations for their work to check out the incredible seating products that Dan designs and produces! Thanks for your outstanding, innovative, quality thrones; they are definitely a game changer!
-Doug Meola