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Modern Drummer Review

Nick CroppedAuthor: Amoroso, Nick
Date published: September 1, 2014
The Carmichael throne is an excellent option for anyone who has to spend a lot of time sitting on the job, as we drummers do. Its aim is to relieve the lower-back pain and fatigue brought on by the compression of the spine that you feel after prolonged periods on just about any other seating surface.
In April of 2012, I suffered a severe back injury, one that required extensive surgery and rehabilitation. I wasn’t able to find any relief, even with the cushiest round or bicycle-type thrones I had. Then I came across the Carmichael throne. It arrived pre-drilled for my existing Roc-n-Soc base, so setup was a snap.
As soon as I sat on the Carmichael, I noticed a difference: no compression of the spine, and significantly less pain and fatigue. Due to the design of the throne, which involves a channel running down the center of the seat, my weight was essentially transferred from my tailbone to my hips. Thanks to this throne, I was able to get back on the drums with significantly less pain in just a little over two months, after a major surgery that I’ve seen sideline drummers for half a year or more.
The seat top we received has a .875″ spindle mount that fits Tama, Gibraltar, DW, and most other throne bases and sells for $210.78. The throne with a spindle base is $299.99, and a version with a hydraulic base is $333.99. The pre-drilled holes fit Carmichael’s own mount as well as those made by Roc-n-Soc, and the mount has holes pre-drilled to fit a Roc-n-Soc backrest.
It’s brilliant. Buy it. Trust me.
Nick Amoroso