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CT200-15BV (Premier Spindle Drum Throne)

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CT200-15BV High Performance Spindle Drum Throne is a Pain Relieving Drum Throne for drummer’s who suffer from lower back and spine problems.

  • 15″ Dia. Carmichael Throne Seat Top featuring a 2″ wide center channel cut out for spinal pressure relief.
  • Greatly reduces pressure to the tailbone, lower back and pelvis.
  • Helps to reduce back, shoulder and neck pain.
  • The gap in our seat top allows for better air circulation keeping you cooler while you perform.
  • Upholstered in durable vinyl for longevity, easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Stitched Carmichael Throne logo.
  • Solid manual spindle seat mount.
  • Heavy duty tripod base.
  • Adjusts from 22″ to 29″ high.
  • Solid foundation rubber feet.
  • Pre-drilled holes for add-on back rest. (Product CTBR)

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 10 × 17 in

5 reviews for CT200-15BV (Premier Spindle Drum Throne)

  1. Noel van Eersel

    This is my drum throne cause I have this tailbone issue. But even without a back, prostatic, tailbone or whatever problem down below it is still a very comfortable throne you can sit on for hours and do those looooong gigs!
    I have had my Carmichael Throne since 2013. I use it always and it still feels and looks like it’s brand new!

  2. Mat (verified owner)

    I was not able to play drums because of pudendal nerve dammage. Just sitting was painful.
    Started drumming again as soon as I received my Carmichael Throne. I can play for hours without problems. Well built. Super customer support.

  3. Tom Whall (verified owner)

    I am a studio/touring musician and I saw one of these thrones at a show one time and it peaked my curiosity. I had issues a few times staying comfortable for long shows (and even short ones sometimes) so I thought this throne might relieve tension in my spine/butt/etc. It has been amazing. Exceeded all of my expectations! I also purchased the Apollo desk chair for my studio and same results. I can sit for longer much more comfortably with no painful consequences at the end of the day. I hate playing fly-dates now where we rent gear and I have to use a normal throne!

  4. Marc Alu (verified owner)

    I was at the point of quitting due to pain and numbness until I found out about this brilliant design!!! I can be onstage for a two hour plus set and be fine! I keep one packed up with the touring rig and the other goes with me to whatever local show I do. In short, I never leave home without mine. Quality, workmanship and service are second to none. If not for the Carmichael Throne, I would have had to hang it up. Thanks for keeping me going strong!!

  5. Henry Newmark

    I have been playing drums for over 55 years. I have been through almost every kind of throne there is. I am a working professional drummer and teacher in Los Angeles. That means many hours a day playing the drums and for years, lower back issues. I bought a Carmichael Throne and now can’t live without it. I am now able to work for hours and not feel the lower back and tailbone discomfort. I recommend this throne for every drummer out there who needs relief from back pain or those who want to prevent it. After using the throne for a short time I bought two more! I can’t go back to regular drum seats again.

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