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CT200MS-13BV (Seat Top w/ 7/8″ Dia Seat Mount)

MSRP: $295.98


5.0 (1 review)

CT200MS-13BV Seat Top (13″ dia) with Spindle Seat Mount; Fits any 7/8″ dia spindle post.

“I am now totally GROOVING RESPONSIBLY, in comfort, AND NOT having to think about my butt, sciatic nerve, leg fatigue, back and spine. It allows me me to focus and as the legend Gerry Brown says – Serve the Music First”. – Rena Beavers


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CT200MS-13BV Seat Top (13” dia) with Spindle Seat Mount Features: 13″.

  • 13″ Dia. Carmichael Throne Seat Top.
  • Solid 7/8″ dia spindle seat mount
  • Upholstered in durabl vinyl for longevity, easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Stitched Carmichael Throne logo
  • Fits most name-brand spindle bases
  • Predrilled holes for add on back rest

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 10 × 17 in

1 review for CT200MS-13BV (Seat Top w/ 7/8″ Dia Seat Mount)

  1. Michael Meyers

    I love these thrones! I started off with the 15″ top but soon moved to the 13″. I still get the same stability that I had with the 15″ without the extra mass under my legs. It helps me get through 4 hour gigs and long rehearsals without issue, plus it is easy to maintain good posture with this throne. When I have to play a house kit or someone else’s kit, I always bring my Carmichael throne. It just feels like home! Thanks, Danny!

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