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Shannon Larkin Godsmack

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We are pleased to announce that Shannon Larkin of Godsmack is now rocking pain free on The Carmichael Throne. Shannon is best known for being the drummer of the Hard Rock band Godsmack. He replaced the previous drummer Tommy Stewart in June 2002. Prior to Godsmack, his previous bands were Amen, Candlebox, Ugly Kid Joe, and Souls at Zero (formerly Wrathchild America).
Shannon’s drumming is distinguished by a liquid groove, absolutely fluid in the manner of great session drummers such as the late Jeff Prcaro, and his studio work displays the rare capacity to balance simplicity and ornamentation. Although heavy metal is known for heavy hitting and heavy double-pedal footwork, Shannon exhibits a nimble touch with sticks and a rabbit’s right foot on single pedal. He relies on Toca percussion, a penchant he shares with Sully Erna, for groove and color. Both drummer and bandleader share a passion for rhythm. In fact, Erna told Modern, “If God made anyone to play drums it was Shannon Larkin!”