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“After a very long weekend of playing the drums (6 gigs total), I’m happy to say your throne helped me get through the long hours without any pain.

Vegas was host to the Electric Daisy Conference this weekend and the band I play with was even asked to play an extra hour long set, until 4:30AM! I was really glad to have the throne with me. For me, the throne definitely props you up. I noticed right away how easy it felt to sit with proper posture and you don’t have that compression in your spine and back like typical seats. I had a kind of rough day yesterday with my back pain so I was worried about the show but I have to say I didn’t have any pain during the show, which allowed me to focus on my job as drummer and music director.

I also love the hydraulic (never had a throne with that before so I splurged) and I like how lightweight the whole unit is, as I’m constantly subbing in/out gigs and it is easy to fold up the legs and put it on the cart. I showed it to one of my students’ Dad, and he thought it was great. He came up with the idea of putting an extra pair of sticks or brushes in the gap on the seat! Brilliant! Would you mind if I promoted the throne on my website? Let me know.”