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“Next year I will be celebrating 50 years performing as a professional drummer.

Recently I saw an advertisement for The Carmichael drum throne on Facebook. I have been suffering from back pain during and after performing, not to mention sore buttocks, and I found that my right leg and foot was “going to sleep” on me and I could not control my right foot on my bass drum pedal, due to not having any feeling. Needless to say this affected my timing, and I had no control on how hard, or soft, I was hitting the bass drum.

I decided to purchase The Carmichael Throne and I have found that my back pain has disappeared, my right foot and leg no longer “go to sleep” with pins and needles, and I find that I have increased power in my right leg, allowing me to use my bass drum pedal Better than I have been able to in years. During long rehearsals, I find that I can sit on The Carmichael Throne for much longer periods of time than I could on my old traditional throne. I have increased energy and am playing better than I have in years.

I totally recommend The Carmichael Throne to every drummer, buy one, you will not be disappointed. I might add, dealing with Dan Carmichael and his team of professionals was a delight, and their service was fantastic.”