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“I have been a professional illustrator for over thirty years. The result of all that sitting in chairs has been a long term compression of my spine. This compression caused a lot of pain when sitting, and when I stood up from sitting, I would get two severe bolts of pain in my lower spine/tailbone area. I have been in chiropractic care for a couple of years but it did not alleviate this part of my condition. The pain had gotten so bad that I was having trouble sitting and working at all.

I purchased a Carmichael Throne. The first night I used the throne for about three hours to do some illustration work. When I stood up I braced myself for the usual bolt of pain, but nothing came. After only three hours use it has significantly changed things for the better. Not only do I have no pain when I get up from the Carmichael Throne, but I found that I do not get the bolts of pain when getting up from other seats as well.

The effects of the Carmichael Throne are not limited to just when one is using the Throne itself, after only a couple of uses, the benefits have extended outward to the use of normal chairs as well. This is remarkable. This is not a professional chiropractic opinion; it is just my opinion from using the chair. It seems to me that this unique looking cushion is actively decompressing the lower spine. I am sure that this will be a real benefit to anyone who sits in chairs working for long periods. Don’t wait until you get the pain to get the Throne. Have fun guys…I am (again).”