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“I am a Senior Court Reporter for New York State Supreme Court, here in White Plains, NY. I have been a court reporter since 1989. My job requires intense concentration while sitting for long periods of time.

While there are rare opportunities to stand, it is never for very long. I have used all kinds of good quality and not so good quality chairs over the years. I was at the point in January of 2012 where my back and rear had just had it. Other than work, I was standing at home, standing on the train, standing everywhere. I could not sit, and would not sit unless it was absolutely necessary.

Then I purchased the CT9091 Office Chair, and after two weeks of using it, my tail bone and perineum have stopped feeling like someone tried to beat a confession out of them. I can now sit at home if I choose, and watch some TV. Your chair has made it possible for me to sit comfortably again and its USA made as well. Thanks again for a fantastic product.”