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“I have been a professional drummer for over 30 years.

On February 18th 2012, I was pushing my disabled vehicle off the interstate when I was physically struck by a car going 55 mph. My right hip was completely shattered, seven ribs fractured and five of my lower vertebrae were fractured. I was told by doctors that my drumming days were over.

While I was recuperating from my Hip replacement in August, a very dear friend of mine contacted Dan Carmichael of Carmichael drum thrones. She told him my story and he sent me one of his Therapeutic drum thrones out to try. I was blown away. It relieves the pressure on my back and hip enabling me to play drums again with virtually little to no pain. Yesterday on 10/28/12, I played my third show. My first set was two and a half hours long. I would have never been able to make it through without the Carmichael throne. It is heavy duty and extremely comfortable. The pressure it takes off your spine is amazing.

Thank you so much Dan for your awesome throne. It has enabled me to continue to do what I love best. I highly recommend anyone that suffers from back and hip pain to purchase this throne.”