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“Fire, sliced bread, the automobile, the internet and now the Carmichael Throne!Every so often there’s an invention or a creation that just changes the game and it’s happened again.

After speaking to Dan Carmichael a few times I finally placed my order. I received my Carmichael drum throne the other day and I admit I was a little skeptical about it at first.

When I was 18 years old I was in a landslide on the Island of Montserrat. In the end, I dislocated 5 discs in my spine. For the next 5 years I went to a Chiropractor over 4 times a week periodically suffering from bouts that literally would temporarily cripple me and inhibited my life in many other ways, especially my drumming life. I’ve spent the rest of my life taking care of myself, nursing my spine back to health always being aware of the fact that I can easily hurt it again. When I play drums I’m especially aware of this, with all of the motion, twisting and turning we do as drummers, the weight we place on not only our tail bone, but or spine in general, is terrible and can be very damaging.

Well folks… the design of this throne alleviates all of it, 100% takes away every bit of pressure you feel on your spine. I sat at on the stool Friday and instantly, INSTANTLY felt the difference in my back. It felt like someone took 25 lb sand bags off of each shoulder that I didn’t even know were there. It made playing easier and helped me balance myself internally like never before. I sat and played for a solid two hours and never, not at one point had to lift myself, or readjust myself in the seat, not once. What I also found fantastic is that because of the gap, air can flow through the channel which keeps you cooler. When you look at the chair, it is a simple yet, beautiful design, but what it does for you and your drumming is too complex to really describe. You have to sit on one and play. I have a prediction that soon, very soon almost every drummer will be playing on one of these. You should be, it makes perfect sense and I’m proud to represent The Carmichael Throne.”