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After a long hiatus from drumming, I got back into it. While practicing with my band, I noticed that my back and the area where my prostate is located would become very sore and uncomfortable while sitting. My current throne was not helping at all and I would have to get up every four or five songs to relieve the pressure from my back and prostate.

I researched online for a custom drum throne. I found The Carmichael Throne and was intrigued by the design. Since Danny was a drummer, I figured he should know the problems we have. He is very knowledgeable and helpful during the process. I purchased the drum throne and was pleasantly surprised.

This is the most comfortable drum throne I have ever used! We practiced for approximately 3 hours and I had no back pain or other discomfort anywhere. What a relief. If you want to play in comfort without pain, then this is the throne for you. With over 40 years drumming experience, I highly endorse this throne. You won’t regret it.