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“The Carmichael Throne chairs are now my office chairs of choice. I have one at work and one at my desk at home. I had a pinched nerve from a protruding disc in my back and a tailbone that hurt when I sat down or lay down. It was 7 months before I found the right group of physical therapists who had the skills to get all my body parts back in the correct position. I do two hours of exercise now every day stretching and building muscle. I’m pain free unless I sit in a regular chair for too long. I found the Carmichael Throne chair online, and bought one to try it out. It was the first chair I could sit on without pain as my condition improved. Now it’s part of my plan to put off any more back problems for as long as possible. I sit most of the time at work, and I know too much sitting is hard on the back. Now I can sit as long as I like at work or at home without pain.”