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I wanted to let you know how much I love my chair. In 2011 I lost roughly 100lbs. Shortly after, I noticed that my tail bone was hurting terribly. I dealt with it as long as I could and started buying cushions to try and relieve the pressure to my tailbone. I was getting no relief! I finally broke down and made a doctors Appointment. I had no idea what was causing the pain. I had not fallen recently nor could I recall any time in the past that I had injured myself.

My doctor had an an x-ray done and it was determined that my tail bone was at a 90 degree angle and had probably always been that way. Prior to losing weight, my tailbone did not bother me for obvious reasons. I was then sent to a pain management specialist and started getting cortisone injections in an attempt to relieve the pain. The injections relieved some of the pain but then I would return to work and have to sit ALL DAY. The cycle would repeat itself and the pain would come right back.

I was searching on the internet for yet another cushion and came across The Carmichael Throne website and ordered a chair. Let me tell you, “I do not know what I would do without it”. I no longer have to stand up at work periodically due to the pain I once experienced. I can now sit all day comfortably and without pain. If you are reading this and are wondering should I or should I not, I want to encourage you to get one. You will not regret it. Judy