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XXHi Dan!!! It was a very hectic month….two trips in Europe (not music related)… And just last night, I managed to pick up my throne from the depot. I am sooooo happy with it… I gave it a spin today, sat and practiced on my drum set for an hour and 1/2 And I felt the difference immediately. My tailbone is relieved from the pressure. I am sure that your invention is the best thing after the invention of the sandwich!!!!

I truly think that you should contact the American Orthopedic Association and inform them about this original pain relieving idea of yours!!!

You must expand and share the wonderful invention. I wish it was around when I practiced dentistry for all those years!! I am delighted and you can use me as a reference. Feel free to give my email address to people who are A bit hesitant about spending money on this chair/throne. It is worth every cent!! All my best wishes for expanding your business!