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I have been playing drums since the age of ten and have also been a recreational motorcycle rider, competitive and recreational cyclist, cycling instructor and triathlete. Having been involved in all of these activities I was always forced to deal with some type of discomfort from being in the saddle or drum throne for long periods of time. I had just accepted it as a hazard of the activities that I was involved with. The Carmichael Throne has changed all of that for me.

I first learned about it at the NAMM show in January. As soon as I saw the design I knew instantly that Dan Carmichael was on to something big. In using the Carmichael drum throne I discovered that it not only helped to eliminate my lower back pain but the numbness in my legs and poor circulation from sitting for long periods of time disappeared. Some of the other benefits I have experienced; my posture was actually better. I was sitting up straight which not only helped my lower back but put my body in a better position to reach my cymbals and toms. This in turn opened up my lungs and helped me breathe better. I felt more stable in the saddle which allowed me to execute more speed and better base drum technique. I also noticed that I was not fidgeting in the saddle and had much more endurance for practice and playing for longer periods of time.

I highly recommend The Carmichael Throne to anyone that understands the importance of spinal health and taking care of your body. If you already have issues, this throne can help you out big time and if you want to be proactive and help to prevent spinal issues attributed to prolonged sitting then do yourself a huge favor and purchase this throne. It is well worth every cent. You will never want to sit on anything else.