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“I am 17 years old. I have had minor scoliosis for about five years, which has resulted in difficulty sitting for long periods of time. The back and neck pain made it nearly impossible for me to focus on homework, read a book, or even just sit down and relax on my couch.

The first time I sat on the CT-245 I noticed immediate relief for my back and neck, and felt no pressure on my tailbone. I had also been suffering from very painful hemorrhoids at the time, which made it difficult to sit. The second I sat on the chair, the hemorrhoid pain was greatly reduced. Since my mom bought me the chair about two months ago, the reduced pressure from the channel has resulted in a drastic reduction in swelling, pain, and irritation from hemorrhoids. My back pain has also been virtually eliminated while sitting down at home.

Now I just wish the chair design could be in all seats, like car seats and school desk chairs, so the relief provided by the seat design can be experienced by everyone.”