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Your product saved my career. I broke my Lower Back and Neck in a helicopter crash in 1998 while serving in the U.S Army. I had a very long road to recovery. I had to learn to walk, talk and use my hands again. I was told that I would never be able play drums. I had trouble sitting for long periods of time, my legs would go numb and would feel like they weighed a ton. The pain more

I am now able to sit and play my drum kit without any pain. My doctors tell me that this is a miracle. I should not be able to play with the injuries that I sustained to my neck and spine. I am definitely blessed to have music back in my life. I have been using the Carmichael Drum Throne for about three years now. I am so grateful and sold on your product that I bought one for more

Hey Larry (Funky Munky Music). I just wanted to thank-you for turning me on to the Carmichael throne. I can’t believe what a difference it made. About 5 years ago I had major back surgery and had to have a rod placed in my back. After months of down time I returned to playing drums but I always had alot of back and leg pain. I came out and talk to you and you told me about the Carmichael more

“Love this throne, this thing will help you with aching back and legs that get numb from sitting too long. this throne is great for working musicians.”

“Wow, I received the Carmichael Throne around 3 hours ago and I haven’t got off it. As soon as I sat on it I felt my lower back instantly release. Not only that, but my upper back and shoulders dropped to a more natural position. My mid back wasn’t locked and I wasn’t leaning on my rib cage just to get comfortable. A bad drum stool many years ago turned my pelvis inward which caused me to develop scoliosis. more

“Teaching six days a week and performing every weekend equates to a whole lot of sitting on a drum throne!My wife surprised me with the Carmichael throne last Christmas. It has been a lifesaver. Prior to using it, I noticed several issues that were bothersome to me. Since using this throne, those issues have disappeared. In addition to promoting back and pelvic floor health, it is extremely well made right here in the USA! Thanks Dan Carmichael for making more

Carmichael Throne Company is pleased to welcome Tom Van Schaik to the family. Tom sent this to us three weeks after I personally delivered his throne to him at The Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA. “Gotta let you know. Tonight is the last night of this run – 10 shows in 11 days – and NO PAIN…. at ALL!! This throne is a God send. Totally comfortable, solid and NO tailbone issues! Thank you, Thank you!!!”

-Follow up Testimonial from John Humphrey-Seether after 10 months of use- “I can’t say enough about my love and appreciation for the invention of The Carmichael Throne. I have had a history of back pain, as many drummers do and this throne has reduced my pain and discomfort completely. After months of constant touring, I’m used to coming home with my usual lower back, aches and pains. The Carmichael Throne has eliminated this issue entirely. This is a throne more

“I have been a professional drummer for over 30 years. On February 18th 2012, I was pushing my disabled vehicle off the interstate when I was physically struck by a car going 55 mph. My right hip was completely shattered, seven ribs fractured and five of my lower vertebrae were fractured. I was told by doctors that my drumming days were over. While I was recuperating from my Hip replacement in August, a very dear friend of mine contacted more

“Next year I will be celebrating 50 years performing as a professional drummer. Recently I saw an advertisement for The Carmichael drum throne on Facebook. I have been suffering from back pain during and after performing, not to mention sore buttocks, and I found that my right leg and foot was “going to sleep” on me and I could not control my right foot on my bass drum pedal, due to not having any feeling. Needless to say this more

“Fire, sliced bread, the automobile, the internet and now the Carmichael Throne!Every so often there’s an invention or a creation that just changes the game and it’s happened again. After speaking to Dan Carmichael a few times I finally placed my order. I received my Carmichael drum throne the other day and I admit I was a little skeptical about it at first. When I was 18 years old I was in a landslide on the Island of Montserrat. more

“After using the Carmichael drum throne for about a week I was noticing more energy and focus on my playing. Why, because my lower back was not compressed, thus no back pain, due to the incredible health minded design of the Carmichael throne. The Carmichael throne concept has made it naturally easier for me to perform at my best because my mind is free of pain and stress. Congratulations Dan Carmichael for a breakthrough drum product with legs… literally.”

“I am a drummer and after playing for a long period of time I would wake up the following morning with terrible lower back pain. I began wearing an elastic waist band to help with support but it really did not relieve the pain. I read about the Carmichael Throne online and purchased the seat. After using it for the last month I must say I experience no morning after back pain and no longer wear the waist band. Amazing! more

THIS throne has made it possible for me to continue playing. Literally a 95% reduction in pain that would have otherwise ended my career. I cannot recommend this throne highly-enough. Can’t believe I used traditional thrones for as long as I did – and wondered why I was in so much pain all the time. Drummers – If you have any pain at all in your lower back when you play – BUY THE CARMICHAEL THRONE and thank me more

“I just wanted to write again and tell you how much the Carmichael Throne has helped me. I ended up needing a surgery to remedy my condition. But I am back on my feet and playing the drums again. I played my first gig since the surgery last night (with the throne, no doubt!) and I was pain free. I don’t know that I would have been able to come back so soon without the Carmichael Throne. In my mind, more

The Carmichael Throne has been amazing in helping to relieve my lower back pain. When I’m ‘playing ’em hard’, the throne absorbs most of the shock and greatly reduces the pressure to my lower back muscles. Even my legs feel stronger using this throne. The benefits are truly life changing. Drummers who experience back problems or who want to help prevent these problems from ever occurring should not be without The Carmichael Throne.

“After a very long weekend of playing the drums (6 gigs total), I’m happy to say your throne helped me get through the long hours without any pain. Vegas was host to the Electric Daisy Conference this weekend and the band I play with was even asked to play an extra hour long set, until 4:30AM! I was really glad to have the throne with me. For me, the throne definitely props you up. I noticed right away how more

Get this… I’m in the middle of recording drums for the new Bumblefoot album. I threw out my back loading up my gear yesterday morning. I can’t sit, stand or walk. I’m in pain. But when I sit down on my Carmichael Throne, I’m perfectly comfortable. No joke. Had no problems tracking yesterday. Crazy!

I have been playing drums since the age of ten and have also been a recreational motorcycle rider, competitive and recreational cyclist, cycling instructor and triathlete. Having been involved in all of these activities I was always forced to deal with some type of discomfort from being in the saddle or drum throne for long periods of time. I had just accepted it as a hazard of the activities that I was involved with. The Carmichael Throne has changed more

XXHi Dan!!! It was a very hectic month….two trips in Europe (not music related)… And just last night, I managed to pick up my throne from the depot. I am sooooo happy with it… I gave it a spin today, sat and practiced on my drum set for an hour and 1/2 And I felt the difference immediately. My tailbone is relieved from the pressure. I am sure that your invention is the best thing after the invention of more

I spend hours every day in my recording studio. Up until I got my new Carmichael chair, I was sitting in a regular office chair with a pillow. With the unique seat design in the Carmichael chair, I no longer have to use pillows to find relief for my back as well as my prostate area. I am very pleased with my new chair and drum throne and can’t think of a better way to sit and do the more

After a long hiatus from drumming, I got back into it. While practicing with my band, I noticed that my back and the area where my prostate is located would become very sore and uncomfortable while sitting. My current throne was not helping at all and I would have to get up every four or five songs to relieve the pressure from my back and prostate. I researched online for a custom drum throne. I found The Carmichael Throne more

I have been a professional drummer for almost 30 years and for the last 2 years have been experiencing incredible tailbone pain after playing a gig or practicing. I have tried every seat there is and have used them all without any relief. I used the Carmichael Throne for the first time Saturday night. It was a longer than usual wedding gig – 8:30-1AM – and we played the last 2 hours of the party straight though without a break! more

I was intrigued with the Carmichael throne as I’ve had some lower back issues and I found myself ending practice sessions early not because of playing fatigue, but of lower back and leg fatigue. I’ve noticed this pattern as I’ve gotten older and the Carmichael throne has helped bring some stamina and comfort back to my playing experience. Dan was accommodating as I generally like thin 13″ diameter seat tops and made me exactly what I was looking for. more

I have had my Carmichael Throne for just over 8 months now and I am truly amazed with how well this throne performs and what it has done to eliminate my sciatic nerve pain as well as the fatigue I previously experienced in my neck, shoulders, lower back and legs. Being a drum instructor as well as a gigging and recording drummer, I literally play drums for 6 – 8 hours every day, so I obviously need to take more