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Todd Sucherma – Styx

CarmichaeTodd Sucherman-Carmichael Thronel Throne endorser, Todd Sucherman, discusses the benefits of The Carmichael Throne.
“I was intrigued with the Carmichael throne as I’ve had some lower back issues and I found myself ending practice sessions early not because of playing fatigue, but of lower back and leg fatigue. I’ve noticed this pattern as I’ve gotten older and the Carmichael throne has helped bring some stamina and comfort back to my playing experience. Dan was accommodating as I generally like thin 13” diameter seat tops and made me exactly what I was looking for. I first used it during a week with guitarist Neil Zaza where I knew we’d have a few days of long rehearsal sessions before filming a show.
I noticed right away that I felt strong as the long hours passed, and didn’t feel the normal fatigue I was used to. Dan’s on to something big here and I felt there was validity in his design from the onset. So now I have this throne on the road and in my recording studio. Don’t hesitate to check it out as it might be what you’re needing, looking for, and the long gigs won’t feel so long anymore!”
Todd Sucherman-Styx